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Sweat Lit, LLC was founded in 2017 by two exuberant entrepreneurs from Chicago, IL. They thought fitness classes should produce personal training level results and entertainment. Kaylla Spinks and Andre Owens felt traditional “big box” gyms offered comparable exercise classes, packed facilities and lack social connection. Moreover, private boutique fitness studios are typically expensive, limit physical progression and increase plateau with repetitive workouts. They thought “What if people can feel like they are training with friends at a party?” and the planning for their fitness company began. Before Sweat Lit was a reality Kaylla dedicated years to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and worked with various gyms around Chicago before walking away to pursue a higher calling. 

Andre spent years in the nightclub/corporate industries and found a new love for entrepreneurship. He joined Sweat Lit to contribute his creative energy and become fit. Together they’ve hosted several personal training sessions, bootcamp classes and helped individuals transform their mind & body. After their first year in business they successfully partnered with various companies in the health/fitness industry in Chicago, IL before expanding to Las Vegas, NV.  The dream they manifested brings together fitness enthusiast, writers, trainers, influencers, DJ’s, photographer, videographer, graphic designers and artist etc. Sweat Lit started their vision Chicago, IL and currently operates out of Las Vegas, NV

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Getting in shape is more than completing a class, going home and repeating this cycle every week. We realized that the best success comes when you understand why you started, execute a solid plan and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. Sweat Lit inspires both women and men to tap into their true potential and master the most important thing first “mindset”. 

“We hope to motivate individuals to truly commit to a healthy lifestyle without taking shortcuts. We want you to discover new levels of confidence on this journey and feel happy with your results “

The Sweat Lit experience

We love to make fitness fun! The Sweat Lit fitness experience focuses on offering affordable personal training, group fitness and bootcamps. Our exercise classes include functional movements, bodyweight training, strength training, high intensity interval training (hiit), barre, and yoga for all levels. As a Sweat Lit member you will have access to our exclusive events hosted nationwide.    

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Meet our team

Who is Kaylla Spinks

Kaylla is a inspirational Personal Trainer/Brand Ambassador, on a mission to end obesity, who is a advocate of active lifestyles and inspires others to be authentic. Born & raised in Chicago, IL South Side community, Kaylla has been an athlete her entire life and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV pursuing entrepreneurship. She has committed herself to a healthy lifestyle with which she had to overcome a near death experience, depression and many physical setbacks to be a humble role model to all clients. Kaylla’s exercise style combines strength training, yoga, barre, aerial silks, high intensity interval (HIIT) circuits, group training and bootcamps. She discovered a better way for people to obtain a higher level fitness and Sweat Lit, LLC was created. Her true desire is to help others understand that real change isn’t just about being fit. 

Our amazing clients

We love collaborating with like-minded health & fitness brands!
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